COVID-19 Testing Tents –

Rentals, Delivery & Setup for Georgia, Florida, and the entire Southeast

We understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on the medical industry across Georgia and across the nation. We are available to provide assistance with emergency tent solutions. We have a variety of tent sizes and equipment needed to set up off-site testing areas in the event that your facility needs them. Our rental tents double as medical tents for screenings, containment, and testing. For immediate service, call and speak directly our tent specialists at Macon Tent Rentals. We’re available to assist with layout planning, deliver and setup necessary equipment to keep your operations running and Georgia citizens safe. Give us a call (478-746-8269), we’re here to help. Or, fill out a contact form for more information.

Our medical structure tents can be equipped with power, HVAC, lighting, secured glass doors, flooring, barricades and more.

Rent HVAC climate-controlled tents for off-site testing and accommodations

Hospital and healthcare facility overflow should be expected: we can provide tenting and equipment to address any of the following needs:

  • Operations Center – Fully enclosed, equipped clear span structure with power, climate control, flooring, lighting and furniture for a medical team.
  • Medical Tents – A-frame tent structure to provide emergency preparedness support. Commonly used as temporary treatment centers.
  • Drive-Thru Testing Centers – Suitable weather resistant testing and screening locations that will accommodate efficiency for testing and protection for medical staff and equipment.
COVID-19 Screening Tent Structure COVID-19 Drive Thru Testing Tent

We provide full installation of all equipment rentals for an efficient emergency operations center. Call us today if you are in need of a First-Aid tent, medical supply storage area, or Drive-Thru testing & screening areas. We will help assess the best rentals to suite your needs and can commit to a swift and timely installation for you.