We have 30 years of experience in the tent rental industry and are pleased to offer our customers pristine tents and responsive, accessible service. Our inventory includes frame tents, pole tents, and walkways.

Macon Tent Rentals professionally installs the highest quality, best maintained tents. We select our suppliers from the finest American-made manufacturers with maximum standards of engineering. Climate controlled options may include pole-mounted fans, double glass doors, clear or window sidewalls, or heaters. Flooring options are available for every size tent from a basic lay down floor that follows the lay of the land to intricate, level floor installation.

Frame Tents

We offer options to enhance the tent with an elegant white gathered ceiling tent liner, or you can rent a clear top tent to provide a beautiful view of the sky.

Aluminum framework, rather than center poles, supports the top of frame tents. They create a wide-open space that allows for a variety of floor plans with tables, chairs, dance floors, and more. Frame tents provide an unhindered view throughout the tent. A frame tent is a great solution for sites that prohibit driving stakes in the ground.


Pole Tents

Pole tents are ideal for weddings, banquets, festivals, and more.

Pole tents have at least one center pole that produces a high, open peak in the interior of the tent. Our pole tents stand out from the competition with tight lines, perfectly even staking with stake caps for safety, and clean ratchets and straps. Depending on the size of the tent, pole tents are an economical option. Hanging a large, wrought iron chandelier between center poles creates a dramatic effect for evening events.


These tents are extremely flexible when it comes to custom lengths and sizes, and are ideal for protecting guests from unpredictable weather while walking from one setting to another.

Marquis tents are covered walkways that connect tents to your home, facility, or other tents. They often cover an outdoor stairway, and we have inventory to cover a back patio, porch, or a single sloped pavilion next to your existing structure. We connect our walkways to other tents using vinyl rain gutters for a seamless transition for your guests.


Flexibility to Create a Custom Look


We have been in this business long enough to know that tent installation requires flexibility. Not limited by a small inventory, we customize installations to create the perfect layout for our customers. Whatever you’re dreaming of for your big event, we are poised to make it a reality.

Professional Service Without the Stress


Planning an event can be a time-consuming and stressful process. That’s why we like to say we are in the stress-reduction business! Our equipment is professionally installed by our extensively trained crew. We visit the event site and help customers create a design solution that meets expectations, budgets, and site limitations. We work with customers in locating and avoiding underground utilities and can assist with securing permits where required from local authorities.